I've Been Weighting

First, it’s painfully obvious that I must take Foreigner’s Greatest Hits out of my car. I’ve been a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers for almost three years. It’s a spectacular program and it really works. However, over the past year I’ve taken a few too many liberties with my Points program. Bottom line is I got lazy and cocky. I felt like I deserved that extra beer or I could justify fries with my sandwich instead of a salad. All of these are great in moderation, but every weekend was getting to be a bit much. I got fluffy. I gained 10 pounds. My pants are a bit tighter than they should be. Now, I admit vanity plays a role in this, but it’s time to face the music. These 10 pounds are living on borrowed time. By the time I celebrate my 40th (er, 30th) birthday this June, I want them gone. Although I’m still officially a Lifetime member and can attend meetings for free, I’m not attending them or weighing myself regularly. So today at lunch I bought a WW scale ($59.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond) and am going to register for WW online. I can’t get my butt over to the meetings, but I sure can plant it in front of the computer. Besides, online you can enter your food and the site calculates the points for you. So now I’ll know exactly how many points is in my pint glass of Schlafly Scotch Ale. I’ll keep you posted!

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