On the Road Again

Tomorrow I hit the road for a trip to Des Moines. I’m going to visit my sister and brother-in-law and their two adorable kids. Actually, I haven’t met the newest edition, Lydia, but I’m sure she’s a cutie. While I love spending time with my sister, I admit I have mixed feelings about the trip. Mainly because four days off means I won’t get any jewelry work done. I’m pressuring myself to get new work done, but am not being very productive. Still, spending time with my sis and the kiddos is always fun. Mainly because Ralph, my sister, has a wicked sense of humor and an amusing way of looking at life. For example, she once told me that she knew she couldn’t afford to shop in boutiques where the hangers don’t touch. Once I started paying attention, I realized she was right. The trendy boutiques have less merchandise and the clothing is almost always spaced further apart I guess so you can see it better and the clothes don’t wrinkle.

So it’s up to Des Moines I go. Oh, have I mentioned the weekend will be spent with my mother? Yup, mom and I get to share a car and a bed this weekend. Hopefully, we won’t kill each other. I’m sure mom will have just as many stories about me as I’ll have about her. However, I won’t be sharing them with the general public. Love you mom!

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