I'm So Excited

Friday I was in Des Moines visiting my sis and her two adorable kids (I feel compelled to always describe my nieces as “adorable” because they are). Anyway, mom and Ralph were taking the kiddos to the Community Center for playtime and Ralph suggested they drop me off in Des Moines’ East Village so I could browse all the cool boutiques and galleries. I wasn’t really expecting making a jewelry contact; I just wanted to relax and take in the area. I was in From Our Hands, a gallery, and the owner commented on my bracelet. I mentioned I made jewelry and 30 minutes later I had a new contact who wants me to do a trunk show in May. I told Ann, the owner, I’d be back in Des Moines over Memorial Day weekend and she suggested a Friday night/Saturday afternoon trunk show. With East Village being located just a few short blocks from the downtown Farmer’s Market, the traffic potential is amazing. Right now she doesn’t have room for my line, but is planning to clear up space in here jewelry case so mine can be displayed. I’m not sure which lines she’ll be carrying, but we both thought the trunk show would be a great way to test the waters on what will sell the best. I’m really excited about this, especially since she had no other jewelers who make anything like mine. I think this will be a great fit.

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