Life is a Highway

Well, we’ve been on the road for four hours and I’ve made several observations. First, we completely stand out in small towns. Second, small Wal-Marts are cool. Third, when you get up at 5 am, you want lunch at 10:30. Our first bathroom break was at a Wal-Mart “classic” in Mountain View. I love entering a store where you can see all four walls. The next stop was Sikeston, home of the original Lambert’s. There I discovered how much we stood out as “townies.” I was not sporting my embroidered sweatshirt, tapered jeans and tennis shoes. Also, my classic ponytail was no match for the stylish ‘dos of puffy bangs and three inch black roots with bleached ends. Steve, in his dapper brown turtleneck, was no match for the sea of camo and trucker hats that surrounded us. Guess we’ll just have to remain misfits. Next stop, Paducah.

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