Travelin' Thru

We’ve finally arrived in Gatlinburg and are settled into the Hampton Inn. The most harrowing part of the trip was through Pigeon Forge. Imagine driving Hwy 76 in Branson (or whatever busy street you travel) during the worst traffic jam. Every time we were allowed to move forward, it was just to crawl to the next stoplight and stop again. Argh! Anyway, we finally made it to Gatlinburg, which wasn’t much better, but at least we were able to settle into the hotel room and get a beer. We ate at Smoky Mountain Brewery, a local pub wich great burgers and excellent beer. In trying to be healthy, I ordered the smoked chicken sandwich. It was good, but Steve gave me 1/2 of his blue cheese and bacon burger and it was much better. Thanks for sharing, honey! I’ll try to write tomorrow, but you probably won’t hear from me until the ride home next Saturday.

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