That Smell

I’ve checked into my room at Arrowmont and have settled in. I think the best way I can describe it is “rustic.” It’s like summer camp for adults. The room has that “cabin at the lake” smell that comes from age and dampness. Remember the scene in Trading Places when Penelope goes to pick up Louis at the police station? Well, she’s waiting for him when a smelly man falls asleep on her shoulder. Appalled, but too polite to wake him, Penelope pulls her perfume out of her purse and lightly sprays the stinky man with it. That was me yesterday. I knew I couldn’t live in the musty smelling room so I ventured out the the nearest village store and bought linen spray. I liberally sprayed the room, sheets and dresser drawers with my “Fresh Grass” scent. Who says I can’t rough it for a week? Oh, and pictures of the room will be coming soon.

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