Just Eat It

Ok, the food here so far is fabulous. All meals are hot and homemade which means I’m trying extra hard not to lose it. Dessert is served with lunch and dinner so I decided to eat only a 1/2 portion and only what I love. For instance, dessert at lunch was strawberry shortcake (I love it) but dinner dessert was sweet potato pie so I only chose one. Today we had chicken pot pie for lunch (with homemade crust), salad and vegetables. Dinner was smoked pork chops with rosemary (fresh), scalloped potatoes, green beans, baked apples with cranberries and sweet potato pie. The only weird thing is that I’m on Eastern Time which means I’m doing everything an hour earlier than I’m used to. So I’m eating dinner between 5:45-6:30, but it’s really 4:45-5:30. And I’m not even over 60!

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