Mambo Italiano

The last night in Gatlinburg was a bittersweet affair. It had been such a wonderful week that I didn’t want it to end, but I was glad to see Steve when he arrived around 5:30 pm. The group decided we’d all go to dinner and Lauren chose an Italian restaurant called Best Italian. Chris and I were both craving pizza and beer and Lauren assured us we could get both there. We’ll, this was not the best Italian restaurant I’d ever encountered. For starters, we were crammed into a table and Chris had to sit on the end which was against fire code. We know that because our waitress made sure we knew he might be moved. After she left, we pointed out that during a fire it would be those of us crammed in the back that would be at risk. Chris would have a clear shot at the door and would not be blocking anyone. Things went a bit downhill from there. While the food wasn’t bad per se, it wasn’t good either. Since when is New York thin crust pizza chewy? I did enjoy chatting with Lauren and Marisol, but I wanted to talk to Chris and Terri and I was hoping Steve would get the chance to get to know them. Oh well. The evening was fun, but I knew it marked the end of my amazing week. The capper was when I discovered the bracelet I’d made on Tuesday had fallen off my wrist and was gone. We delayed leaving this morning to look for it, but no luck.. Still, that can’t dampen my experience. I’ll be back in Gatlinburg soon.

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