Just Bead It

My latest jewelry adventure involves cloisonne beads. I buy pre-formed copper beads and do all the enamelling. It’s a tricky procedure, but they are really cool looking once they’re done. The first beads I bought were round and oval shapes. While I prefer the look of the round, they are presenting a few problems that may make them unsuitable for cloisonne. The ends, where the holes are, keep cracking and enamel is breaking off. I remedied the last one by putting enamel on the inside of the bead (a tricky procedure) so I’ll see if it works on this one. I hope all goes well, because I love this particular bead. I modeled it off a rug I saw at Pier One. It’s chocolate brown with orange, lime and lemon circles. Very mod and cool. Wish me luck! I’ll be enamelling this afternoon.

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