I Enjoy Being a Girl

Sometimes I think about my metal skills and I really get a kick out of the fact I’m a woman working in a (mostly) man’s world. I love the fact that I have tons of tools, work with torches and belt sanders and the like, and get my hands dirty to produce fabulous jewelry. Today, I decided I was going to finish a project Steve and I started last week. I had bought a really cool vintage lamp off of eBay and it needed to be hard wired so we could plug it in. We bought the wiring kit and a new base and proceeded to take the whole thing apart. Just when we’re about finished, we discover that the “cage” inside, designed to hold the light bulb in the lamp, does not hold it tight enough so we can pull the chain to turn the light off and on. We were both irritated so we wrapped it up in the bag to tackle later. My friend Kerry, who buys and sells antiques, was over and said the light was an easy fix. All I had to do was cut a piece of brass (which I happened to have) for the inside that was similar to the outside piece. Then, using two washers and a threaded pipe, the cord could run through it and the light fixture would stop at the top of the inside brass piece. I cut the piece, cut out the middle, took apart the light base, put everything back together and successfully rewired the lamp! It was a cool moment when Steve plugged it in and it worked. However, now I’m not sure I want to hang the lamp in the original intended spot. So it’s back in the bag until we can figure out where to put it. Still, I felt really cool rewiring the thing.

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