Graduation Day

This weekend we’ll be traveling to St. Louis to attend Suzanne’s graduation. Congrats Suzy on your Masters Degree! Naturally, my first thoughts center around my wardrobe. What to wear, what to wear. I originally thought about a skirt/top combo, but the weather is supposed to be cooler than expected. Outfit #2 is pants and a jacket. I do have my killer white Target suit I could wear, but is that too much? Once the outfit is chosen, I have to choose shoes. They should be stylish, but comfortable and something I can walk in for a distance. Then comes the jewerly. Almost everyone expects me in my own wares and I’ve made several cool pieces lately so I want to show them off. However, since they’re enamel, the colors must coordinate with my clothing. Yes, on days like this, these are the thoughts going through my head. I promise I’m not always this shallow. However, fashion is important.

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