Baby Got Back

I love linen for the summer. I love the coolness of the fabric, the wrinkliness, the way it dries instantly, the give of the fabric. I just love it. However, the love is beginning to fade. You see, linen, when used for pants or shorts, tends to stretch out with just one wearing. Now, wrinkly knees are one thing, but a saggy, droopy butt is another. Today I’m wearing these adorable linen crop pants with silver threads woven through them. The first time I wore them I received so many compliments! Today is the second wearing and I’m noticing that the seat has stretched out and is sagging almost to my knees. This does not make for an attractive silhouette. So these babies are headed straight for the wash when I get home so they can shrink back into their original shape. Only to become saggy again next time I wear them. Sigh.

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