I Think I'm HAIRinoid

It’s time again for me to obsess about my hair. Oh wait, I never stop obsessing about my hair! This week I’m getting it colored and possibly cut, except I have no idea what to do with it! It’s taken me about three years to grow it out past my shoulders so I’m a bit leary about cutting it. I’ve never had long hair. I never wore it in ponytails as a child unless you count the “fountain” ponytail I had on top of my head. Cute when you’re 5, but not so much later in life. So I now have long enough hair to pull into a ponytail which makes it a breeze to style. Problem is, I never feel like it’s actually “styled.” I know ponytails are chic this summer, but I think I’m looking for a style. The only solution, of course, is to cut it and I’m scared to do that! I know, I know, my hair will grow, but I’m past that awkward growing stage so I should be home free.

I guess I’ll just never be satisfied. Maybe I should just be content to not be content. Knowing me, I’ll chicken out and just get it trimmed. Maybe I’ll cut it this fall…

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