Cuts Like a Knife

As mentioned in my previous posting, I’ve cut my hair which leads to the question: why in the world didn’t I do this sooner?! Now that I’ve lived with the new ‘do for a few days, here are my top 10 reasons to have shorter hair:

10. Ponytails are nice, but are no substitute for a great hair style.
9. Thick hair is always desirable, but thick hair in the summer is just hot.
8. The shorter the hair, the more risks taken. For example, I always chose "safe" color because I didn't want to mess up my long hair.
7. I'm just not a long hair person. It really isn't flattering on me at a certain length.
6. Short hair dries much faster.
5. Short hair is kicky, trendy, chic.
4. Short hair stays out of my lipgloss.
3. My peripheral vision is back since I no longer have curtains of hair on either side of my face.
2. I no longer have to worry about singeing my hair with my torch.
1. Short hair can always be grown long if I want to do it again!

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