Sunglasses at Night

Once again it’s time for me to step up onto my fashion soapbox. Today’s rant? Sequined purses. I am so tired of seeing these bedazzled and bedraggled bags being carried by everyone from 6 to 60. No matter what the cost, they look cheap and tacky. Plus, the sheer volume of sequins make them dangerous to carry in direct sunlight. The flash is retina searing! I want to take all of them, put them in a large hole and burn them. However, due to the high plastic content, I’d probably end up with a large melted mess. And just imagine the smell! I’d settle for just throwing them away. If your summer purse is stained, torn, ripped or shredded do yourself and favor and invest in something new. May I suggest a nice straw bag with wood beads? How about something in a soft metallic? Just please stay away from the sequins!

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