How Soon Is Now

Everything is in a state of flux. Things at work are weird, the jewelry biz is at a turning point, important people in my life are in the middle of big decisions, you name it. I had a little emotional setback this weekend when I was informed that I didn’t make it into the WinterFest show here in Springfield. This is a show I did last year and it was incredibly successful. I guess I was feeling a little smug about my chances of getting in and I got rejected. It was my 4th application to a show this year and my 4th rejection. So now I’m facing a holiday season with no major shows to do. All I can think is, “How will I get the money I need to go to Arrowmont next year?”

So now I’m licking my wounds and trying to come up with a plan. I’m going to do a show in St. Charles, MO in December, but I don’t know much about it so I’m not sure how successful it will be. I know there’s never a guarantee of success in a show so I just have to take chances. At least I’ll be showing in a new area so I hope to be well received. I’m just crabby and feel the need to purge. This is just one roadblock in the world of art that must be conquered. I’m sure I’ll see the silver lining of this cloud soon. I just want to complain.
Anyone need some great jewelry?

Update: I just received an email from my Des Moines gallery. I asked if they were interested in another trunk show around the holidays and they said “yes.” Well, that’s a start!

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