What Not To Wear – Funeral Style

Unfortunately, we started our morning attending the funeral of a friend’s son. It was a tragic loss and I really tried to be objective when observing the fashion mistakes I saw, but some are so horrific they cannot go unmentioned. So the next time you must attend a funeral, please keep these things in mind:

1. Black is not required, but respect is. Keep your club outfits in the closet for later in the evening. No halter tops, one-shouldered blouses, low cut neckline or sequins please! And don’t even think of combining any of the previously listed styles.
2. Flip-flops are NEVER appropriate. Seriously, I know you own another pair of shoes.
3. Crop pants and t-shirts are for the lake. At least attempt to dress up.
4. Turn off your cell phones. If you’re a physician and must be on call, at least put it on silent or vibrate.
5. Seriously, you wore jeans?! I know you own pants or a skirt. Or borrow one from your roommate. Ditto for shorts.

These are the worst offenders. I realize the reason for attending a funeral is to show support to the family and pay your respects to the deceased. For those reasons alone, it wouldn’t kill you to dress up a bit.

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