I Hate Wal-Mart

Every time I go to Wal-Mart I swear I will never return. Yet I always do. Tonight we needed some food basics but I also needed a padlock for my locker at school. I had gone to Target (Tar-Jay) earlier in the day and they were out of skim milk (seriously) and had a very small selection of locks. I was hoping for a cool one. So I dragged Steve to Wal-Mart thinking we could get the milk and lock in one trip. I should have known better. First, I couldn’t find any damned locks! What’s the deal with locks being so hard to find? I expected a selection of them with the school supplies (makes sense to me) but they were not to be found so I wandered over to the hardware section. I walked up and down every isle from the hunting section to automotive and couldn’t find anything that resembled a lock. I also couldn’t find a sales associate to save my life. When I finally found one, unpacking pillows in the housewares section, she was less then helpful. She pointed over to the direction of hardware and said, “they’d probably be over there.” I then asked if anyone was in the area as I had not been able to locate said locks and she said, “well, there should be someone over there.” Thanks. I found another elderly woman in a blue Wal-Mart smock helping a college-age man with some hardware. When I approached her about the locks, she stated that she normally didn’t work in this department. I was on fire by now. Then I saw them. The infamous locks. A tiny selection (I thought I was in a SUPER center) located along the back wall. I thanked her for her lack of help and stated that I had found the locks. She then found it necessary to follow me over there to make sure I got exactly what I needed. The answer was no, I didn’t get exactly what I needed (something cool) but these plain, boring Master locks would do. I just wanted the hell out of there. We got our milk, salad mix and some assorted school supplies and we were gone. This time I swear I will never return. Famous last words.


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6 responses to “I Hate Wal-Mart

  1. Suzanne

    Many of the schools around here don’t allow locks anymore.

  2. What?! So I guess it’s open season on stealing? Weird.

  3. Suzanne

    Considered a security risk for the schools, all items (backpacks, lockers, etc) are subject to random search. This trend really picked up after the Columbine tragedy and other school violence occurences.

    Just thought that may explain your challenge to find a large selection of locks.

  4. Paulette

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who buys skim milk at Target. Wal-Mart is despicable.

  5. Gregg

    unfortunatley i work at walmart it isn’t the fault of the workers you need to be bitching about the higher ups there the ones that schedual so few employees to help you why so that they can save money you no because 500,000 dollers a second isn’t enough
    Oh yeah i work in sporting goods and the locks are near home saftey;]

  6. Gregg – Good point about the management not scheduling enough people to cover customer’s needs. However, the woman who was “helping” me was crabby and unwilling to help me because it “wasn’t her department.” Too bad you weren’t available when I needed help! I’m sure you could have found me some locks in no time!

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