This Just In…

The coordinator of WinterFest called me and I’m in now! Originally, I didn’t make the cut and was bummed, but figured I’d try again next year. Apparently, I was the first alternate and was offered a spot. I’m on the top floor, which seems bad but it’s actually a great place. Last year, I had an amazing weekend. Sales were through the roof! Plus, being on the top floor means it’s quieter, the crowds don’t block pathways while they’re chatting and you can look down on all the other vendors! Fun!


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3 responses to “This Just In…

  1. Greg

    Holy Frickin’ Happy! Congrats, ‘smithmistress.

  2. Thank you, thankyouverymuch.

  3. Suzanne

    Congrats!!! How are you doing on inventory now??? Production overload?

    This weekend is the St. Louis Art Fair — I’ll be taking the metro into Clayton to see what is on display and to watch my BD instructor performing with her troupe at the Art Fair this year too!

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