Recipe of the Week

Welcome to a new weekly topic. Last weekend I was visiting my dad when I came across some old cookbooks of my grandmother’s. Set in the late 1950s-early 1960s, these tomes are chock full of helpful hints, delicious recipes and party ideas for every occasion. Join me as we take a walk on the culinary wild side.

This week, in light of summer’s end, we’ll explore “Patio Sandwich Suppers.” Yum! Today’s recipes make liberal use of gelatin, a chef’s best friend.

Our Menu:

* Walking Sandwiches – these are just bread, meat and cheese with your choice of condiments. I guess they’re called “Walking Sandwiches” because you just want to walk right by them in hopes of something better on the table.

* Tomato Salad Mold – everything’s better when it’s served in a decorative mold! This recipe consists of lemon-flavored gelatin, hot water, tomato sauce, vinegar and salt. Mix well, pour into a decorative mold and serve! Delicious. Note: holds no nutritional value, but does add a splash of color to your table.

* Tuna Mousse – a simple can of tuna becomes a hostess delight when served in a loaf-shaped mold! Combine unflavored gelatin, water, lemon juice, mayonnaise, tuna, cucumber, green olives, onion juice, horseradish, salt and paprika. Pour into a loaf-shaped mold, chill and serve with lime wedges. I suggest tossing the tuna mousse and using the lime with tequila. You’ll need a stiff drink after making this.

* Perfection Garden Salad – Combining vegetables with gelatin is perfection, people. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Combine unflavored gelatin, sugar, salt, boiling water, cold water, vinegar, lemon juice, shredded cabbage, celery, green pepper, pimento, and green olives. Mix, chill in a loaf-shaped pan and serve with garnishes of carrot curls and ripe olives. Hell, it looks so bad, might as well cover the thing with the garnish.

Pictured below: Walking Sandwiches, Perfection Garden Salad, Tuna Mousse – Bon Appetite!

Patio Suppers


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8 responses to “Recipe of the Week

  1. Egads. That is frightening, and I can’t believe you really made it! At least the fruit looks decent, and I’d take a walking sandwich over that olive jell-o any day! Maybe next time you will share your bundt secrets?

  2. Oh, god no I didn’t make this crap! This is the photo from the cookbook! I”ll be happy to share my Bundt secrets. It’s all in the pan.

  3. Greg

    Oh, my god. This is significantly funnier even than what you revealed in our tantalizing preview conversation yesterday. I’m thinking I immediately need a halved strawberry with the greenery still attached. Also, some hunter-green placemats.

    Question: With what utensil does one serve a molded tuna-olive-gelatin “mousse”?

  4. I’d suggest a “spork.” That way you have all the bases covered.

  5. Suzanne

    Ahem…I have a set of stainless steel sporks (vintage) and to answer the unspoken question, YES you can make all these delectable molds in the Bundt pan of your choice.

    Perfection Garden Salad intrigues me…or is that the Tuna Mousse. What makes it white laof in the photo, with the sliced green olives?

    And for the Wine Tasting, I will be bringing my world famous Brauschweiger Ball. Be prepared!!

  6. Carrie

    Ooooh. Fine Dining. Did you suggest this menu to Eric and Julie? Tapas? No Thanks. I want Tuna Mousse! (And my God.. the presentation…I think that we all could take a lesson.)

  7. My mom had a gazillion jell-o molds growing up. They were copper(probably worth a lot actually), and they were all sorts of fun shapes! Grapes, various wreaths, hearts, fish???? why?
    Yes, gelatin was apparently the wave of the culinary future in the Eisenhower era. Walking sandwiches….wow.

  8. Ralph

    Great a menu for your jewelry party here!

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