Recipe of the Week

October begins with bacon! Mmmm, bacon. Hey, move over bacon, here comes Sizzlelean! Ok, enough of that. Let’s get down to business. I’m so excited to bring you what I think might be the most disgusting recipe ever. Seriously. I’m actually going to copy this verbatim and, I promise, I’m not making this up.

* Broiled Banana Appetizers. Choose yellow bananas with green tips – not too ripe. Peel; wrap bacon strip around each and peg with toothpick (don’t let ends of picks stick out). With pancake turner, roll bananas back and forth on greased grill top until bacon is cooked, about 5 minutes. (Takes a hot fire – you want bacon to crisp before banana cooks too much.) Count on a small banana or half a large one per serving.

Ok, first, how drunk do you have to be to invent this recipe? Was this some sort of prank? And what’s with not letting the ends of the picks stick out? Maybe it’s because you want to poke your eyes out after reading this recipe. What really cracks me up is that you’re supposed to grease the grill. Like you won’t get enough grease from the bacon. Bananas and bacon? Ewwww!

To cleanse the palate, may I suggest the ever-popular Bacon-Cheese Bites. These lovely artery-cloggers-on-a-stick will be a hit at your next shindig or hootenanny. Simply wrap 1-inch cubes of sharp process American cheese in partially cooked slices of bacon. Grill, rotating, until bacon is done and cheese is melty.

Well, bacon and cheese doesn’t really sound all that bad, but this is one big gut buster of an appetizer. First, make sure guests are not lactose-intolerant. Second, give the vegetarians a relish tray. Third, and most important, don’t eat too many!

Pictured below: Mushroom Buttons, Bacon-Cheese Bites, Cocktail Totem, Western Starter (coming soon) and Shrimpkin. As always, Bon Appetite!


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5 responses to “Recipe of the Week

  1. Carrie

    Mmmmm… Piggy-Nanners. Well. I guess I won’t be eating today. Tammy, this feature of yours is the perfect diet tool. It will ruin your appetite in a second. My waistline thanks you.

    (Mick has named these “Nanners..Oink, Oink”

  2. Suzanne

    Yep, I agree with Carrie – this posting is more offensive than last week’s. I’m not big on greasy thing to start with, but to insult my favorite fruit this way?? PIggy-Nanners are jsut WRONG.

  3. Yup, Piggy-Nanners (a better name I think) are just about the most awful recipe I’ve ever found. What did the poor banana do to deserve this?

  4. Greg

    I think it sounds tasty.

  5. Greg,
    I know you can’t be serious. You really think these sound good?!

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