Recipe of the Week

Mmmmm, it’s time for another delicious recipe of the week. This week, we pay tribute to ham. Just look at the delicious, glazed ham below, glistening with all that goodness. Let’s not forget our side dishes. The nut-crusted Sweet Potato Balls are more than just a southern porno, they’re a delicious side dish too. Spice Peaches round out our yellow/beige/brown/tan meal with a hint of clove for a spicy sweet finish. Don’t forget to top your ham with a marmalade glaze – just take the syrup from your Spiced Peaches, combine with orange marmalade and you have a sticky mess to pour over your roll of pork and fat. All you need is something with gelatin and you’ve got yourself a party here.

Shown here: Glazed Rolled Ham, Sweet Potato Balls and Spiced Peaches


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2 responses to “Recipe of the Week

  1. Carrie

    OK. I might get slammed for this one…but the Nut Crusted Sweet Potato Balls actually look good to me. Admittedly, I don’t understand why the sweet potato has been balled as opposed to being formed into a patty or something. But really, is it that bad? It looks better than that marshmallow/ sweet potato casserole stuff that people try to pass off at Thanksgiving. (I think that people take the “sweet” in sweet potato a little too literally.)

    I see your point about the lack of color. Maybe that’s what the parsley is for?

  2. Oh I think the sweet potato things sound good too, but forming them into balls and encrusting them with nuts is just funny to me for some reason. Personally, I like my sweet potatoes mashed with a little butter and brown sugar. Just enough sweetness to satisfy me!

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