Recipe of the Week

Mmmm, another meat massacre on your dinner table. This week, dining takes an international flair with Oven-barbecued Swiss Steak. This saucy little Swiss miss is crowned with onion slices and served swimming in red barbecue goodness. Doesn’t it make for a lovely meal? The only thing this recipe is lacking is some sliced green olives and some gelatin. Just imagine how delightful this would be molded in a loaf pan and served cold!

Oven-Barbecued Swiss Steak



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2 responses to “Recipe of the Week

  1. Suzanne

    (…heavy sigh…) We ate this growing up. Served over Minute Rice and green peppers that had been baked in the overn with the steak.

  2. I request—nay, demand—that we plan an Aspic Party toute de suite !


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