Mother's Little Helper

I received a frantic call today from my friend Mary who desperately needed someone to pick up her kids Sam (13) and Madeline (8) from school. I was working from home and classes were finished, so I was available to help. Sam was first on the list as his school commenced at 3:15. I headed over to St. Agnes where I waited in the car line to pick him up. How do mother’s do this daily? It was so boring sitting there for 15 minutes in stalled traffic to wait for the kids. Sam spotted me and we headed over to Sherwood Elementary to get Maddie. She was nowhere to be found. Again, stalled traffic and a slow car lane. We circled around, parked the car and headed inside to search for her. She’d made a detour to the bathroom.

Time to go to my house where they were planning to stay until Doug and Mary picked them up later. I wasn’t sure if we were going to feed them dinner, but I offered in case Doug and Mary were late. I began thinking like a mother (or at least what I think a mother should think like). I needed a healthy after school snack. I offered cheese and crackers, but neither of them were hungry so I allowed Maddie a Coke. I was lamenting the fact my I had no peanut butter and my fridge was full of low-fat options. Sam announced he needed 2 dozen sugar cookies for school tomorrow so they could be decorated. I was sure Mary didn’t know about this and I knew she’d be stressed so I launched into “save the day” mode. I whipped up a batch to cookie dough just as Doug and Mary were pulling in the driveway. Sure enough, Mary knew nothing of the need for cookies and was immensely grateful I’d made the dough. All in all, it took two hours out of my day, I helped out a friend and hung out with some cool kids. Now that’s the kind of parenting I like!


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5 responses to “Mother's Little Helper

  1. Suzanne

    “Now that’s the kind of parenting I like!” …yes, you gave them back after 2 hrs!!! LOL!

    Please tell Mary she’s in my thoughts! We didn’t get to chat much at the party.

  2. Miriam

    Does this mean I can drop off my twins once their born…you know…just to round out your parenting skills! : ) Just wanted to say we really enjoyed hanging out on Saturday night. Here’s our blog address – enjoy!

  3. Sure! Once they’re out of diapers and in school! Knowing you and Alex, the girls will be very well behaved. We loved seeing the too of you last weekend. Let’s get together again soon before your life is taken over by the babies.

  4. That was really nice that you were able to help her out like that – you’re right, I’m not sure how people do it!

  5. Anne

    The only part I could relate to was the bit about hanging out with cool kids which is what I had. Further proof of that statement is the fact that they are now really cool adults. I think it’s a trait they inherited from their mom! 🙂

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