Life In The Fast Lane

As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast.” That quote pretty much sums up our Saturday night. Steve’s been sick since right after Christmas so he’s been glued to the couch for the last 48 hours. Since there was no chance we’d be hitting the town for drinks and dinner, I stayed out most of the afternoon and early evening with Valerie. On the way home, I decided to stop at the grocery store to get coffee filters because I’d used the last one today and knew I’d be too grumpy in the morning to go to the store. I got home around 7 pm to a still-sick Steve and made dinner. Steve had indulged in some mac and cheese earlier (a stocking stuffer from mom) so he wasn’t hungry. I didn’t take the time to get a movie and wasn’t really in the mood to watch something we had, so I ended up continuing my deconstruction of Christmas. What a thrill. Staying at home on a Saturday night with a sick husband, taking down the holiday decor. Yup, life moves pretty fast.


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2 responses to “Life In The Fast Lane

  1. Hmm..sounds like my Saturday night. But since my husband is visiting his parents across the country, it was just me and the dogs. Me, Christmas deconstruction, and the dogs. So who’s Saturday night was more pathetic?? 🙂

    Nah, I was fine with it. I’m plowing through Arrested Development DVDs, so I was perfectly entertained.

  2. Arrested Development is the best show EVER! We almost started re-watching Season 3, but I got on my deconstruction kick instead. I think your night was better.

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