Facing the Music

I think most of us tend to reflect on the old year as soon as the new one starts. It’s human nature to want to correct past mistakes even if it means making them again in the process. My biggest mistake of 2006? Letting myself get lax with my eating habits. I fell off the wagon and now comes the painfully slow journey of getting back on. Now, dieting is probably the biggest New Year’s resolution made and broken, but this isn’t really a diet for me. It’s about getting some food structure back into my life and not eating everything that isn’t nailed down. As fate would have it, today I received an email asking me to return to Weight Watchers online with no set-up fee. It was a sign so I took that road. Steve and I are working on an 8 week schedule that will lead up to our anniversary. The plan is to buy new outfits for ourselves (in new sizes) in Kansas City and wear them to our anniversary dinner.

I started my morning with a weigh-in. I’m at my highest in almost three years. Yup, time to face the music before I have to increase my entire wardrobe by a size, or (gasp!) two. Wish me luck!


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2 responses to “Facing the Music

  1. Good luck!

    Chris and I are in the same boat. He has taken the last three weeks off work, and we have been celebrating the whole time with food. We are normal pretty healthy eaters who are eating so many bad things lately! I’m looking forward to Chris going back to work so we can get on a normal eating schedule again. Oh – I’ve probably put on like 8 pounds in the last few weeks. I’m afraid to check.

  2. The best advice I can give you is to step on the scale and face it. I hated the number I saw, but it’s a constant reminder to stay on track.

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