Lights Out

It’s now the 4th day of January and I’m noticing that many of my neighbors still have their outside Christmas lights up. Ok, so maybe they haven’t had time to take them down over the last holiday weekend, but do they still have to be on? If you haven’t had the chance to take down your lights, do everyone the favor of at least turning them off. Christmas is over.


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6 responses to “Lights Out

  1. Anne

    I’m thinking you may have issues from your childhood having to do with your parents leaving the lights on the house (not lit but still visible) until the middle of the summer. You probably should blame your parents for these feelings as I think they may have scarred your perspective on Christmas lights. Do remember that we haven’t yet hit 12th night – perhaps your neighbirs are leaving them on so the Wise Men can find Jesus! I’ve heard Jesus was found on Christmas morning in a house in Des Moines. Just thought you’d like at least one smart a@@ reply for the day!

  2. Or it could be our neighbor, Mr. Clark, who has left his lights up for the past 25 years. However, I have no problem blaming my parents, you should see the people who raised me! Kidding!

    Yes, Jesus was found resting in the fireplace on Christmas Day in Des Moines. How’s that for a miracle?

  3. Suzanne

    (delving into my catholic upbringing for a possible explaination…)

    The Feast of Epiphany isn’t until January 6th – the day the Wise Men supposedly arrived at the stable to give their respects to the baby Jesus. As a child, NOTHING Xmas oriented was allowed to be removed until after Epiphany.

  4. Apparently, I stand corrected. I’ll save my griping for after the 6th. Which is Saturday.

  5. Anne

    Leave it to Suzanne to have a true historical as well as religious perspective. I have also learned that it is correct to use Xmas as the Greek X represents Christ – and for years I thought only lazy non-believers used Xmas.

    I had forgotten about Mr. Clark – I’ll be that’s where Clark Griswold got his inspiration. I remember the ton of cars that used to go down our alley in December – we should have set up a hot chocolate stand and made some $ off of him!

  6. Suzanne

    Yes, nothing nerdier than knowing too much religious history…I am a true “poster child” for a liberal arts education 😉

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