DIY Madness

This weekend Steve and I are tackling our biggest home improvement project ever. We’re tiling the bathroom floor. I should say not only tiling, but ripping up the old subfloor, installing new subfloor, taking off all the old trim (and possibly replacing it), improving the closet space so it has new shelving, and then tiling the floor. What brought this on is a leak last fall that resulted in a soft floor and the crappy linoleum being damaged. Thanks to our almost-former neighbor Paul we have a bathroom just four houses away we can use while ours is torn up. Thanks Paul!

Stay tuned for all the drama. Tonight we’re removing the trim pieces. I’ll have pictures posted later. Anyone know a good marriage mediator? We just might need one on retainer for the next week!

bathroom1.jpg bathroom2.jpg


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6 responses to “DIY Madness

  1. Anne

    I’ll refrain from any marriage advice since I”m certainly no expert – all I can do is offer up a good reference on a knowledgeable Handyman! Can’t wait to see the final project – I’m referring to the bathroom and NOT Steve when you are done with him!!!

  2. Hmmm… you’ll have to let me know how it goes – I would really love to redo our kitchen floor but it seems like such a daunting task!

  3. Well, Zarah, you can always come over and help. What a great way for you to get some experience!

  4. I tiled my kitchen floor once…and the reason it didn’t put my marriage in jeopardy is because I did it myself without help. Just hang on to your patience with each other!

    My best advice is to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SOLID, FLAT, HARD SUBFLOOR. Any areas that don’t have this will result in cracking between the tiles. It’s a pain in the neck to have to remove and redo tiles!

    Good luck! New tiles are so pretty and worth it.

  5. The subfloor is a weird setup now: tongue-in-groove pine with grout in the gaps. We’re cutting out the bad stuff and tiling over the rest.

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