Anniversary Blues

On February 28, Steve and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary (our actual anniversary is Feb. 29). For the past ten years we’ve gone to Kansas City for the weekend. It may seem a bit lame to some people, but KC is our place and we really enjoy the weekends we spend there. This year, however, we can’t take the trip and I’m a bit bummed about it. This weekend I have to work on my class project that’s due on Wednesday (and I’m seriously behind) and next weekend, Sarah has scheduled a workshop on Sunday with visiting artist [Elliot Pujol]( It’s a workshop I can’t miss and really don’t want to. I realize that not taking our annual trip doesn’t make the celebration any less special, but it is a bummer. Steve and I both need a break and can’t seem to get one. The next trip we take is the second weekend of March to the Best of Missouri Hands conference in Jefferson City. This means I go to the conference all day on Saturday and part of Sunday while Steve hangs out with my dad and Karen. Yee haw.

It will be a good anniversary – I just know it will. We’ll have a nice dinner out, I got Steve a really great gift, and we’ll talk about when we first met. It will be nice. But it’s no Kansas City.

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  1. Carrie

    Do you have any photos from past trips? You could open a bottle of wine and look through them all. (When do you ever actually get to go through your photos?) Then you could spend some time planning a trip for KC for next month and be sure to schedule something special, like massages or a fancy dinner.

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