Fashion Wasteland

It seems like fashion has come to a complete stop here. I indulged myself yesterday with a leisurely day of shopping as our local Dillard’s was having a huge sale. I don’t know what I expected and I’m not sure I had a solid idea of what I wanted, but I found very little. I’m so bored with all the styles. Either they seem old and conservative, or they’re so weirdly constructed I need a manual just to figure out how to wear them. And the cool, trendy stuff is really expensive and really small. I have a real body and clothing designed for walking sticks just doesn’t work on me. I’ve been looking through my fashion magazines and have come up with some spring styles I do like:

* Wide-leg trousers. I tried on a pair yesterday at Express and loved them. They actually make me look like I have a waist.

* Lucite heels. I know, I know, this look can be trashy, but [Nine West]( makes a really cute pair. No word yet on the comfort level.

* Mod styles. I adore 60s fashions! Geometric prints and cuts are really fresh this season and I’ll be looking for a signature piece to add to my wardrobe.

* Bright accessories. I love adding punch to an outfit with bright shoes, jewelry and handbags. Just don’t overdo it!

* Shirt dresses. While I’m not a huge fan of dresses in general (who wants to feel their thighs sticking together?), I do love a simple, casual shirt dress. Since my lifestyle doesn’t support anything fussy, I’ll be looking for a casual, cotton version in an interesting color. I’m thinking of trying yellow. We’ll see.

* Wedge heels. Get out the ones you bought last year or invest in a new pair, but look for something with a cut out in the wedge for the most current look. I like adding height without the pain.

Now that I have my list, all I have to do is find these items. Since it’s only the beginning of March, I’m sure things will be arriving soon in the stores. I’ll wait until the first round of sales!


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5 responses to “Fashion Wasteland

  1. Great list – I’ve been feeling the need for a spring wardrobe update, but nothing has been catching my eye. I was actually thinking about emailing you to get some ideas, but you beat me to the punch!

  2. Carrie

    Oh wow. I am an absolute dress junkie! Your thighs may stick together, but people won’t be seeing them. šŸ™‚

  3. Suzanne

    Love dresses too. I went to Macy’s here in STL last weekend and cleared out their Amalfi sale racks — beautiful silk skirts (orig $79) that rang up for $12, a few tops…this is my new brand/designer at Dillards, love the fit and style. Then there was also the poetic gauze Ralph Lauren blouse (orig $169) that rang up for $16.

  4. Anne

    Thanks for the fashion tips – although you already know that I’ll buy mostly stuff that resembles what’s already in my closet it never hurts to know what actually is in style just in case I step outside my comfort zone and do something edgy. Maybe something that’s not red, black, navy or khaki! I did see some swing jackets in the Dillard’s ad today – think I need to try one on.

  5. Miriam

    Ah – the world of fashion – I look forward to re-entering it after I get out of these @#$* maternity clothes! I dream of jeans and wide leg trousers. I miss my heels and all other shoes that could throw a largely pregnant body wildly off balance! Always good to hear your fashion musings. I think my new summer wardrobe is going to have to include lots of prints (I hear it disquises spit-up quite nicely). Hopefully though, I’ll have a chance to incorporate some sense of fashion back into my wardrobe – and burn the four outfits I’ve been rotating for the last few months! Thanks for your comments on our blog – always good to hear from you and know someone is reading! : )

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