Weekend Waste of Time

Steve and I went to Jefferson City this past weekend so I could attend an artist conference. Needless to say, it was not as productive as I’d hoped and I skipped most of it. First of all, in fairness to the group, I worked in marketing for five years so none of the information presented was anything new to me. Second, I just don’t like meetings. I don’t have the patience to sit for an hour or two while someone lectures. The worst part was the Sunday presentation which was the one I’d been waiting for all weekend. Everyone was groggy after the Daylight Savings Time move ahead and we were all anxious to get home. I’d submitted five of my slides for critique and really wanted to get some critical feedback from the presenter. What I was hoping for was detailed information on what needs to be improved and what was good. Unfortunately, the speaker lost control of his audience, let them take over, wandered away from the slides, focused on too much minutia and took too much time on some and not enough on others. This whole thing would have been better presented on an individual basis with a group discussion on the basics. By the time I left, the program was running over by a half hour and was still not done. Arrrrgghhhh! On the bright side, I did get a “to do” list done, met some nice people, got some good information on slides (not mine but in general) and spent some quality time with my dad and step mom. Not bad, but not the greatest time either.


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2 responses to “Weekend Waste of Time

  1. Ginger Cleland

    I met you at the conference and unfortunatley lost my packet with contact information. It was a pleasure meeting you. We had discussed enameling books that might help us in our pursuit to enamel butterflies. We were what the names of the books were and how do we get your flicker site to see the jewelry. I was also hoping to get your e-mail adress again.

    Ginger Cleland

  2. harmony

    Well, in my experience, all art groups (especially an artists conference, what’s up with that?) are ALL a big waste of time.

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