A great weekend in KC with lots of shopping finds. First, was a stop at The Gap where I was looking for ankle-length black skinny pants. I found the perfect pair with little zippers at the ankle and only $9.99! I had to go up a size and the waist is too big, but the bottom fits perfectly and they make my legs look super skinny. I finally got to check out the Sephora at Oak Park Mall and scored some new blush (not MAC for the first time in ages). Thought I’d try Nars “Orgasm” the color that’s supposed to flatter all complextions. I also bought a lip stain and a new spring lipstick. Today, Sunday, was the record show. What a great day! I spend about $20 over my budget, but got some great stuff. My splurge (that sent me over budget) was an album featuring cover art by [Jim Flora]( The album itself is in pristine condition and the cover is in very good condition. I love his weird drawings and knew I’d regret it if I passed it up, so it came home with me. I also got some great Martin Denny, Henry Mancini, Eydie Gorme, The Ventures and others I can’t remember. Steve even got into the fun and got pretty excited when I found “Vintage Sports Cars in Hi-Fi” By Riverside Records. Apparently, this company produced a few albums in the 50s of the sounds of sports cars – like a day at the track. Steve has another one from his grandfather so adding this one to the collection was really fun.

We’re tired, but we had a great time. Valerie and Kevin are fun to travel with, we all got our KC fix, Valerie and I were able to shop at Gap and the record show was worth the drive. Now I get to greet the week of spring break! Hooray! All I have to work on this week is four little sterling silver wheels for my next project. I’ll post pics when I get one made.

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