Cold As Ice

Dammit! Spring is gone and it’s winter again. This morning I was out for my morning walk when I felt something hit my face. I thought it was some of the petals from the blossoming trees, but no, it was snowflakes. It’s all cold and windy and we’ve had lots of flurries today. This is why I never plant flowers outside until after May 1. Only here in Springfield can we go from air conditioning to heating within a 24 hour period.

Happy Easter everyone! I’ll be making my twice yearly appearance in church on Sunday. Hope the roof doesn’t cave in.


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2 responses to “Cold As Ice

  1. Suzanne

    I’m freezing here too! I thought it was my imagination this morning, how chilled I was when I was getting my miles in…then my mother called to inform me that it was flurrying and only 24 degrees. Geez, thanks mom. I had almost fooled myself that it was my imagination : P

  2. Cheryl Cameron

    Oh how I wish it would snow in Las Vegas!! I loved the weather while visiting Springfield!

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