The Ugly Side of Fashion

Spring means beautiful flowers, winter’s thaw and lovely new fashions. However, it also means some ugliness. Take [this latest trend]( for example. Ick! I love my jeans and I love finding new ways to wear denim, but this is one trend I’ll be bypassing. What do you think?


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5 responses to “The Ugly Side of Fashion

  1. Egad. I remember being so proud of my pair of electric blue Guess jeans when I was a kid. But looking back…. they were so, so, so ugly!

  2. Anne

    Oh yeah – I’ll be buying those in red – WAIT – the Fashion Police (my daughter) just arrested me and gave me a life sentence. Guess I WON”T be buying them after all.

  3. Anne: That’s right, you won’t be wearing them! Zarah: I wish you still had those jeans – it would be really funny to see them on you!

  4. I will immediately be purchasing these for all the female members of my family.

  5. Um, no you won’t. I’ll make sure of that. Keep America Beautiful – that’s my philosophy.

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