It Isn't Easy Being Cheesy

Who knew a cheese slicer could be so important? I sure didn’t, that is until my beloved cheese slicer bit the dust (or the wire did anyway). My slicer was inherited from my mom who probably bought it in the mid-80s. It was from a local walnut company called Vermillion, where mom used to work. Anyway, this slicer was great. No matter what kind of cheese was put in it, the thing always sliced perfectly. Then the wire broke. Mom said replacement wires could be purchased at a local outlet and Steve managed to nab the last one. He found out from the outlet that these cheese slicers aren’t made anymore so we were dealing with a relic. Steve brought the wire home, we installed it and…it broke. It was about 1/4″ too short. So we were back to nothing. I want to mention here that we’d already bought and returned two very crappy cheese slicers from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and we didn’t like the hand held one we had. So it was eBay to the rescue. A quick search uncovered one cheese slicer, in the box, from Vermillion. It arrived today and it’s so wonderful! Here’s pictures of the old and new slicers. Yep, we’re a cheesy couple and we have the slicer to prove it.



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2 responses to “It Isn't Easy Being Cheesy

  1. Cheryl Cameron

    Ahhhh, the cheese slicers I heard about at Jim’s house!! How cool!

  2. Stacey Eversole

    I have a question. I have one of the first vermillion cheese slicers ever made. Can you help me in finding out how to contact them??

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