Home Again

Well, I’m home after my big shopping trip in KC. I knew that since I actually had money, spending it would be tough. I also knew I was limiting myself with a list and a goal. However, the trip wasn’t a complete shopping bust. Here’s what I did find:

* A very cool lucite and silver watch by Michael Kors. It was my first purchase and I had the sales lady hold it for me since it was the first thing I found. I can’t find a picture of it on the Nordstrom website, bit it’s really cool! I’m so glad I bought it.

* Casual crop pants. I have recently purged my closet of old ones I’ve either worn out or grown tired of, so I wanted a couple of new ones. I found some [nice white ones at Ann Taylor](http://www.anntaylor.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=5145&Ne=12&pCategoryId=101&Ns=CATEGORY_SEQ_118&N=1200009+4294967283&Nty=1&categoryId=118&showAll=Y&defaultColorNameFromCategory=Tumbleweed&defaultSizeTypeFromCategory=Misses) that are casual and thick enough that my underwear doesn’t show. That’s really important when shopping for white bottoms!

* Lucite jewelry. While I didn’t find much, despite it’s hot popularity, I did find some [great earrings at Ann Taylor](http://www.anntaylor.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=5080&N=1200030&pCategoryId=192&categoryId=210&Ns=CATEGORY_SEQ_210&showAll=Y&defaultColorNameFromCategory=Silver&defaultSizeTypeFromCategory=Misses). They are smaller chunks of lucite with silver on them. Actually, I should say my sister found them for me, but I bought them.

* Shoes. A trip would not be complete without a new shoe purchase I was looking for some patent shoes and found [these](http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/23569705/c/90203.html) at a store called Ciella’s in Oak Park Mall. They had them in a wonderful tortoise patent so that’s the color I bought. I tried to find some cool yellow patent shoes, but all the styles looked like they would be worn by hookers. I also found some shoes at Dillard’s but I’m still trying to figure out which ones to keep. The Dillard’s shoe department in Oak Park Mall is the worst I’ve ever encountered. Regardless of the time of day you shop, it is always understaffed and it takes forever to get your shoes from them. I swear, they go to the back room and get sucked into a black hole before they return. It’s really maddening when you’re in a hurry.

* Vino. I had to go to World Market and get us some wine. The wine refrigerator was looking a bit empty so I stocked up on some goodies. One of our summer favorites is Ironstone Symphony, a slightly sweet white that tastes really good on a hot day. Normally, I’m not a sweet wine drinker, but I do like it in the summer. I got six bottles of wine, two new kitchen towels and some potato chips for less than $60. Man, I love World Market!

That’s really the highlights of my shopping trip. I was all set to throw down some cash in the Puma store at Oak Park, but I really wasn’t that impressed with their selection. Plus, sandal season is in full swing so I wasn’t in the mood for tennis shoes. Still on the hunt for another good pair of casual crops and some interesting new tops. I did try on my share of empire-waist tops until I just resigned myself to the fact they make me look pregnant. I’m already growing weary of the loosey-goosey, hippie-trippie look this summer. Guess I’ll just wear last year’s t-shirts.

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