Brooch The Subject

Well, my final project for school is done. And only one week ahead of schedule! Hey Greg, I bet you wished I turned in my stories that early. In typical over achiever mode, I made not one, but two brooches for the project. The assignment was to create a brooch that paid attention to the front and back, had a clasp that worked perfectly and was aesthetically pleasing. I do think I achieved all that. The reason I have two pieces is not that I’m an over achiever (which I am) but that I had some silver I attempted to fold form that cracked and split due to overheating. Since I didn’t want to waste a big chunk of silver, I managed to be inspired by the cracks and turn it into something beautiful. I’ll let all of you be the judges.

First, the granulated brooch. This is created with my new style of granulation on fine silver. The piece is about 1 1/2″ tall.


Here’s a view of the back. I also granulated the back of the overlapped pieces and the catch.


Here’s a view of the side. You can see the different layers of the piece. I love this!


Here’s the fold formed piece. I was working on a cuff bracelet design when I cracked the silver. I put the top piece in the hydraulic press to form the dome and bring out the folds. I deliberately opened more cracks to enhance the effect. You can see straight through to the other side near the bottom corner!


Here’s the back.



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10 responses to “Brooch The Subject

  1. Carrie

    Very Cool!!!

  2. Kirsten

    Oh WOW that is so amazing! I love the side view, that rocks! I also dig all the little triangles, bits and pieces. Also, loved the earrings and the ring that match as well. Too cool Tammy!

  3. Suzanne

    Mmmmmm! The folded piece is very intrigueing!

  4. The granulated brooch is amazing work! It’s beautiful!

  5. 1 week early! What does Sarah offer that I don’t?!

    J/k. Beautiful work as always.

  6. A grade that affects my GPA!

  7. Anne

    Didn’t I ever tell you that no one asks for your GPA after you leave college? And since when does a grade trump cold hard cash? Didn’t I raise you right??? Sorry Greg – I’ve failed as a mother!

  8. linda carlile

    I love this piece it is so beautiful. I bet it is even better in person. Good luck on your grades.

  9. Anne

    Now that I’ve seen these “in person” I know your photos don’t begin to reveal how beautiful they really are. I’m so impressed with your creativity and hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you.

  10. Well, the photography is the work of an amateur (me) with some bad lighting. Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, I guess I am a little proud. I just didn’t know I had it in me until I started working on it!

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