Hot Out Here

I really hate summer. At least the steamy-hotter-than-hell-mosquito-infested summer we’re experiencing now. I’ve never been a fan of the season, but this summer I seem to be shutting down. One step outside and the last thing I want to do is work out, weed the yard, or sip wine on my beautiful front porch. Most people love the summer as it allows them to participate in all sorts of outdoor activities they wouldn’t normally do in the winter. The most popular summer sport would probably be swimming, which is something I’ve never really loved (as my mother reminded me when she told the story of how I cried my way through my first round of swim lessons). Give me a nice, crisp day and I feel like I can tackle the world. Give me heat and humidity and all I want to do is stay inside and watch TV.

I’m trying to find a way to work out without the drag of the outside world so I’m actually considering joining a gym. My friend Sarah belongs to the YMCA and has indulged herself in all kinds of classes. She said it keeps her from getting bored. As I’ve been sliding slowly into workout laziness, I need to give myself a shot in the butt to keep me from shutting down completely. So today I think I’m going to check out my options at the Y and see what I can do to keep myself in shape and sane. Yesterday, I ordered my first workout DVD (I previously borrowed them from a friend) so I can do something at home when I need a break from a gym. Steve and I are also considering taking up tennis (doesn’t it sound so “clubby”?). I used to play in high school and he wants to learn. I’ll keep you updated on that hilarious adventure.

Now that I’ve stopped sweating from my walk, I think I’ll fill myself with a nice, steamy cup of coffee and start my day. Hope you all stay cool!


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4 responses to “Hot Out Here

  1. Anne

    I can give you a free pass to the Meyer Center for a week if you want to try it out.

  2. I think Steve would like it to use the pool. Do you have a lap pool at MC?

  3. Matt and I went to the Meyer Center yesterday and started our free week. You don’t even need a pass, just take your ID to prove who you are so they know you haven’t signed up for one before. They have a 25 metter (yard?) pool and it’s very clean. We were quite impressed.

  4. Sarah said I could attend two classes at the Y for free. I’m going with her tonight to a toning class. Hope I can walk tomorrow!

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