The Big Squeeze

I’ve been on a quest to shake up my normal fitness routine and have found out two things: I’m not as fit as I thought/wish I was and I’m not as flexible as I thought/wish I was. Oh well, gotta start somewhere right? Last week I attended the Tone To The Max class with Sarah at the Y. The class and instructor were both great, but I didn’t like the atmosphere at the Y. I really don’t want to spend my entire workout listening to the kids screaming on the basketball course. I am glad they’re exercising and having fun, but I don’t think a “family” atmosphere is for me. Plus, it’s too expensive to join just to attend class 2-3x per week. Per Valerie’s suggestion, I bought my first workout DVD called [The Squeeze]( which I did this morning. Having not done it before, and not wanting to send myself to the ER, I opted for the “Power Squeeze” workout that was only 30 minutes. What a great workout! I like the instructor; she’s very succinct and straightforward. The workout was intense, but not impossible to do and I could do it in my little den. I had a couple of moments of adjusting myself to the position, but I felt like I got a good workout. Since I’m stiff in the morning, I might wait to do this later in the day, or do a quick power walk beforehand to warm up. Hopefully, I won’t grow bored of this!

Next up, tennis in the fall. Steve and I are going to attempt to play. I used to play on my HS team and Steve’s never done it. Should be quite amusing.


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5 responses to “The Big Squeeze

  1. Cindy

    I like to think I’m really in shape … I keep telling myself that, anyway. What’s the perfect workout for those of us who hate to exercise?

    Are you around on Saturday anytime? We’ll be in town for the day. Let me know.

  2. I wish I knew the perfect workout for people who hate to exercise. I’m thinking of trying yoga since it’s a strengthening workout and it improves flexibility. Plus, I always feel really relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.

    I edited out your cell phone number so I didn’t get posted to the world! I’ll call you.

  3. I can’t be without my yoga! Check it out Tammy. There are options at the Y, but of course, atmosphere is an issue. Bue I’ve had people tell me, if the teacher is good enough, the space doesn’t really matter. The classes can be big, because face it, it’s unlimited yoga with your Y membership. The Y is quieter in the Fall, when the kids aren’t there for daycare! The studio downtown has a lot of times now to choose from and a Pilates class too, that will start back up on Aug. 28. There’s also a lot of other places to take yoga. I don’t know if anyone is teaching at Pickwick Place, but they used to. Also, Life Essentials on Campbell and Sunshine offers classes as well as Alive & Well in Brentwood. The Jones Y has a great yoga space, but I don’t even sub out there anymore as I can’t take the traffic! I’ve done a lot of different exercise programs and the only thing I’ve stuck with for like 7 years is yoga. I also like walking/hiking and riding my bike. I dislike jogging, running, aerobics…..anything that is jarring to my body. Good luck on your journey.

  4. Suzanne

    ROCK ON!!! Wanna feel my abs…? 😉

    Stick with it sweetie, its wonderful when you see results. At this point, my trainer is worth every penny I pay him.

  5. I’m perfectly aware of how flat your abs are so no need to show them off to me 😉

    I think I’m going to attend an open yoga class tomorrow with Kirsten. I’ll let you know what I think.

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