Every Breath You Take

Tonight’s exercise adventure was yoga. Now, anyone who’s tried yoga and doesn’t think it’s any type of a workout or is boring, needs to open their minds and try it again. First, I want to brag on my instructor, Kirsten Kukal. Kirsten and I went to elementary school together years ago and were close friends. I called her “Midge” because she was so short, and she called me “Jude” for some unknown reason. Anyway, Kirsten and I reconnected a couple of years ago, thanks to ye olde Internet, and I discovered she taught yoga.

Tonight was my first session with her and my first time back to yoga after several years. The studio, [Body of Works Studio](http://www.bowstudios.com/), is located downtown in the basement of a historic building and the space was beautiful, spacious, and serene. Kirsten was an excellent instructor. I loved the calm lilt of her voice, the gentle encouragement and the constant reminder to breathe deeply. While no where near as exhausting as aerobics, the poses and stretches did push me and I found myself feeling the workout. After, I was rejuvenated and relaxed.

Even if you think yoga is “boring” you should try it at least once a week for your mental health. Thanks, Kirsten, for a wonderful evening!


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3 responses to “Every Breath You Take

  1. Thanks for the nice comments Tammy! Was great to have you in class. I think the “Jude” nickname came from the Beatles song, either you liked it, or it was playing a lot at your house, I can’t remember!

  2. Well that would make sense as “Hey Jude” was my favorite song as a kid – still is!

  3. Kirsten is my favorite teacher! Stay with it, your stiffness will diminish and flexibility will improve!

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