Twist and Shout

Last night I encouraged Steve to attend yoga class with me. I told him how refreshing and relaxing it was and how much I was enjoying it. Poor guy. Little did he (and I) know that last night Kirsten would really push us. I loved it and really enjoyed the challenge, but I think it was a little much for Steve. I asked him this morning if he was sore and he exclaimed, “F*&$ yes.” Guess that sums up his feelings quite succinctly. I’m not sore, but this was my third class and I knew when to stop. I’m afraid to ask him if he wants to go back!


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2 responses to “Twist and Shout

  1. YIKES! Sorry he’s hurting, but it won’t last forever! When guys come to class, I tend to go a little deeper. Lots of guys think all we do at yoga is sit on a blanket and stare into space and OM. Hope he comes back and recovers soon!

  2. I’ll come back, but I need a week off!


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