I'm Looking Through You

It’s been a hectic weekend here at the Kirks household starting with our car dying in the parking lot of the local liquor store on Friday night. We tried to jump it, but no luck so we walked home, got the other car, and went over to Duane’s new pottery studio to work. Some pizza, salad and a couple of beers later and we felt better. On the way home, we attempted the jump again and this time it worked so Steve drove it around for 40 minutes to get the battery charged. Unfortunately, it didn’t take and we had to jump it again on Saturday before going to Sears for a replacement. All is well, thank goodness.

Today we teamed up with Duane and Prudy for a little road trip to Branson to see the Bodies exhibit. This is an exhibit of actual bodies that have been preserved in acrylic. You can see bone structures, veins, muscles and all the organs. It was fascinating! We get the audio tour which was nice as it gave us some additional information on the exhibit. I liked how the audio tour included information for children and adults. The woman at the counter told us that most adults like the children’s audio because it’s more entertaining and less medical so we listened to a few of them. I went back to the adult commentary when we saw entered the room with the cadaver slices. The slices were a cross-section view of the body, much like doctors see on an MRI. The most controversial part of the tour was the room with the fetuses at different stages. A docent was nearby to warn people of the content and direct them around it should they choose not to view it. We chose to go through it. I’m not sure how controversial it is unless you get into an argument on when life actually begins. I don’t want to necessarily debate that here, but I saw a 4 week-old fetus and it was amazing. I had to remind myself not to think too hard about them being real preserved babies because it meant that they were never born. It was fascinating and sad at the same time.

We did do a little shopping at the Branson outlet malls, but nothing overly exciting was purchased. Steve did get a cool jacket at Eddie Bauer (of all places) and I found some great denim pants at Banana Republic. We ended the day with great margaritas and fresh guacamole at Cantina Lauredo on the Landing. We just got home and now it’s time to pack to leave for KC in the morning to meet Ralph and Blair for the Crowded House concert. Whew!

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  1. Anne

    Drive carefully – you know, precious cargo! Have fun and don’t let your sister get too drunk.

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