Hail Mary

Truly great friends come along once in a blue moon and I’m very blessed to have a few in my life. One of my closest friends is Mary who I’ve known since childhood. We share the same artistic flair, family dysfunctions and geeky husbands (you know I love you Steve!). Although we lost touch for a number of years, reconnecting has been one of the best things to happen to me. It’s like time never passed and all we had to do was catch up on a day’s events. I adore her children (and word is they adore me), our husbands get along and we can always pick up where we left off regardless of how much time has passed since we last spoke.

So it was Mary I sought last night while in the middle of a small mid-life crisis. I’ve been feeling a little…weird lately. Guess I just don’t know where things are going with my jewelry and what I’m here to accomplish in this life. Turns out Mary had been feeling the same way too (no surprise there). We talked for a couple of hours, drank a beer and I returned home feeling almost normal. While Steve is my best friend and knows me inside and out, it’s people like Mary who can understand what I’m feeling without being judgmental.

So Hail Mary! Thanks for being my friend and loving me, flaws and all. Take some time out today to call or write your close friend and let them know how much they mean to you.


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2 responses to “Hail Mary

  1. Hail Mary

    If the old saying ‘you are a product of your environment’ is true, then I’m only as great as you say I am because I’ve spent time with you.

    You are an amazing, beautiful person. I believe you can do anything in this life. Once in a while, you just need that other person who loves you fully to remind you.

    Thank you for loving me …and liking me for that matter. And Lord knows, I’m thankful you love my children.

    I celebrate you today and everday and I rejoice in the fact that you are here on this earth and in my life and my heart. God did well when he made you. He must have giggled when he was done.

    Forgot to tell you – Alex passed her GED first time round and we are now going through the process of enrolling her in Massage Therapy classes. So, good things are happening all around us.

    I love you truly and deeply. You’re my soul sister and I am my own intervention.


  2. Ok, just when I was getting all teary-eyed at your comment, I started to laugh at the end. You are such a blessing to me!

    Congratulations to Alex! I’m so proud of her. I can’t wait to be one of her clients, except she’ll probably make me laugh the whole time.

    Yes, you are your own intervention. You have the t-shirt to prove it.

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