I'm Looking Through You

Yesterday we replaced the last old window in our house – the 6 ft. picture window in the living room. It was a beautiful old multi-pane window, but efficiency-wise it was the equivalent of a giant tarp-covered hole in the wall. Since all of our other windows are Pella, we called them to give us an estimate on the front window. We were surprised to learn it was less expensive than we thought. Plus, the guy from Pella explained that our new window would be 80% more efficient so it would probably pay for itself in no time. A cancellation in the schedule yesterday made it possible to have it done immediately. The guys showed up around 2:30 and were done by 4. Yes, it took only 1 1/2 hours to take out the old window, replace it with the new one, and do the trim. I was floored! Apparently, this was really easy since the old window was in a frame. All they did was measure, order the correct size for the new one, and replace it. They crew was polite and very neat (I think they even swept up all the cat hair balls on the floor).

The window is gorgeous! A 6 ft. wall of glass – tempered for safety. What’s weird is that we’re used to the panes of the old window (that were usually dirty) so now it’s a bit unnerving to come around the corner and see outside so clearly. Last night when we came home from dinner, Steve had a moment of panic when he thought there was a hole in the front of our house. It’s just so clear. I can’t wait to put up my aluminum Christmas tree!

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  1. Miriam

    You’ll have to give us the low down on pricing when you come over for dinner – we desperately need new windows in our house…but are a little scared of the sticker shock! Perhaps if we had them done a few at a time it would help!

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