Nothing makes me more angry than getting sick. The first thing I want to do is locate the source and destroy it. I know, I know, that’s completely unreasonable and irrational, but lay off I’m sick! It all started with sneezing on Monday which I chalked up to allergies. Then it began to drain into the back of my throat. Tuesday I was feeling a bit sickly, but spent the whole day enameling in the studio and felt good about my progress. That is, until two of my pieces broke on the final finishing. Argh! This is why so few people enamel – it’s frustrating! Yesterday morning I woke up feeling ok, but not 100%. Like a crazy person, I worked out and I think that may have made me feel worse. I was grounded the rest of the day. Steve was swamped at work and couldn’t come home to help so Kevin, Valerie’s husband, stopped by with some chicken soup. I slept off and on most of the day but did go out for some cold medicine around 4 pm. Forget this whole “waiting it out” crap, I need medication.

I slept better last night despite a major neck cramp and am hoping to get around more today. My plate is completely full as I’m trying to get stuff done for my show on October 5. Everything is due at [Waverly House]( next Friday so I need to get on the ball. Steve’s going camping this weekend so I’ll have the whole house to myself and plenty of time to work. Hope everyone is having a healthy day.

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  1. Ugh. I hope you feel better soon.

    At the risk of sounding like a commercial here…I used to catch every bug that came around, so I tried DanActive drinks. They really must do something to boost one’s immune system. I don’t get sick anymore.


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