It's The Little Things

This week, so far, has been full of little successes that have made it quite enjoyable. First, and most importantly, I finally priced all of my pieces for next week’s show. I think the prices are fair and I’m really proud of everything I’ve made. Now, wish me luck that they sell.

Next up is something I haven’t discussed yet. I’m a bit superstitious about weight-loss success. I guess I just think that by bragging I’m encouraging fat karma to come over and kick me in the ass (as it has many times.) A month ago I joined a gym for the first time in my life. Naturally, the first week was the hardest both mentally and physically. I’ve never been comfortable working out around other people, but this place is small and every one has the same goals – to be stronger and fitter. The first day, I had my body fat percentage done (yikes!) and my weight recorded. After one month of weight training 3x per week and cardio 5x per week I learned yesterday that I’d lost 2% body fat, but gained 5 lbs. I know, I know, muscle weighs more than fat, but I’m still irritated that my clothes fit exactly the same! The guy I’m working with assured me that I’d made great progress and I should throw away my scale. Yeah, easy for him to say. So I’ll enjoy my success for a bit, keep up with what I’m doing and not get a big head about it. Fat Tammy is just around the corner eating a candy bar so I’m trying to stay out of her way!

My studio worker, Lori, had her final week with me. She’s a senior and needs to concentrate on her show in December. I told her that she could work for me as long as she wanted, but that I’d probably kick her out in October so she could work on her own stuff. She will be missed. Having her here two days a week forced me to organize my work load and work ahead. Plus, I really enjoyed her company. Fortunately, she hasn’t gone far and said she’d call me if she has time to work in the future. With her help, I’ve increased my inventory and feel like I have a good head start on the holiday season.

Dillard’s is offering an additional 30% off sale prices so guess where I’ll be this afternoon?! With all the work I’ve accomplished so far, I’m treating myself to a little retail therapy time. Granted, mom and I did some shopping on Tuesday, but this is extra sale prices! Plus, [MAC]( introduces their new eye shadows today called Matte Squared. These velvety shadows are the perfect companions to all my frosty shades. I’ve already played with them and have several chosen for my collection. Today, I’ll probably just indulge in one.

So, it’s been a good week so far and the weekend is just around the corner. We’re full of social obligations as usual, but they involve seeing good friends so it should be fun. Hope your week and weekend are great.


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4 responses to “It's The Little Things

  1. Cindy

    Hitting the gym, huh? You’re a better woman than I. I’m impressed!

  2. Well, you’re the one out running. I want to train to run a 5K, but that hasn’t happened yet. It’s been suggested that I need to build up more muscle before doing that.

  3. Carrie

    I don’t know about that Tammy! If you’ve been excercising for more than 2 weeks you should be able to start training for a 5K. You are in great shape (despite what you say) and that is a lot better than most people when they start to train! 🙂
    P.S. I know of a Halloween 5K on October 27th that should be pretty fun, and if you don’t feel up to running the whole thing, you can do a run/walk combo. A lot of people do.

  4. Anne

    Way to go on losing body fat – I know I’m not the best example, nor do I always do what I say (I can tell you that now that you’re an adult) but the muscle and body fat really ARE more important than the little number on the scales and I think you’ll soon start seeing the results in how your clothes fit. I can’t wait to get back to the gym on a regular basis – I miss it mentally and physically both. I’m trying to be good while I’m gone – passed up a beer and yummy homemade crepes last night which made me feel very virtuous.
    You decide when you’re ready for a 5K – I know there’s always one in early December too- several years ago Becky Miller and I started running in early September and did one in November and I did 2 in December. However, I haven’t run since I did that 8K in Chicago a couple of years ago thanks to my knee – plus I had to admit I really didn’t like running all that much anyway.
    Enjoy your weekend – imagine that, you and Steve have a full social agenda – what a shocker!

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