It seems I’ve been taking a cue from my mother’s overloaded social schedule as of late. The weekend was again full of activity as we took a road trip with Valerie and Kevin to Herman/St. Louis. It always seems like we never have enough time to do all the things we want to (like shopping Nordstrom) but we had a lot of fun. So much that we’ve tentatively planned a KC weekend to see the lights on the Plaza.

The weekend was unusually warm with temps in the 80s but I’m very happy to report the thermometer has taken a sharp dive since then. Yesterday was drizzly and cold and I think I may be one of the only people who enjoyed it. The house felt cozy and the weather forced me to get all sorts of chores done. Today it’s still cold, but sunny so I’m ready to run errands.

The best part of all this? Wearing fall clothes! Again, I’m donning my fave boots, my Gap jeans and one of my many jackets. This is my fall/winter uniform and never fails to make me feel stylish and thin even on my “fat” days.

So get outside and enjoy some great fall weather. Here’s hoping it’s cool and lovely in your neighborhood. On a serious note, a “shout out” to Len, Stacy and Alex as they voluntarily evacuated their apartment in the midst of the California wildfires. I pray their apartment is safe and they are ok.

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