All Dressed Up…

and nowhere to go. Last night’s event was a bit uneventful as our companions were sidelined by illness. Prudy called around 1 pm to say she wasn’t feeling well. We’d planned to meet early for drinks and sushi then go to the Festival of Trees event. She said she was going home and that the three of us should go without her. Duane met us for drinks, but said he was going home to check on her and would try to meet up with us later. Unfortunately, Prudy was very sick and he stayed home to take care of her. Steve and I thought we’d make the most of the evening without our friends so we went on to the party. Besides, we looked good so why not show it off?!

The event was a disappointment. First of all, people do not know how to get dressed up for an occasion. I was appalled to see jeans (torn ones at that), cotton sweaters more suitable for day, and very few dresses. I’m not trying to be a clothing snob here, but it saddens me how sloppy people are becoming. Attend any event (church, opera, play) and you’ll see a complete lack of style and chicness. Naturally, I was pleased with my ensemble and Steve looked great too, but I felt like I could have come in jeans and a jacket and been fine (and more comfortable considering the height of my heels). But I won’t compromise. I’d rather be slightly overdressed than underdressed and, since I spend most of my time in jeans, a dress is a nice change. The event itself lacked the punch it’s had in previous years. Attendance was down, donations to the silent auction were down and it just wasn’t as fun. The food, however, was fantastic! Italian chef [Nicola Gilardi](’s+Italian+Ristorante) created a wonderful feast for the event. It’s been years since we’ve eaten at Gilardi’s Ristorante and I told Steve I was ready to return. Plus, seeing Nicola and his wife Monica was a lot of fun. After a delicious sampling, some free wine and a few trips around the silent auction Steve and I decided we were done. We went home, changed into some comfy clothes and watched our TiVo shows. Not quite the exciting evening I had planned, but it was nice to dress up and go out on a date with my hubby. As promised, here’s a picture of my final outfit. You can’t see the details in the dress, but I was happy with my look and received many compliments on it.



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4 responses to “All Dressed Up…

  1. Anne

    WOW! You look fabulous. Glad you got to go and also glad you don’t plan to change your dress style just because the norm has apparently reach a new low. Just sorry that the event fell into the “did not meet expectations” category.

  2. Suzanne

    Hey! Your hair is super-short again! I like it 🙂

  3. Carrie

    OK. I stand corrected. This is much better than the brocade! You look so put together!

  4. You look great – the cut of that dress is perfect on you!

    I am also shocked when I attend an event that should be sorta formal, to find folks in jeans and tshirts. I think of those events an exciting opportunity to finally dress up, but I suppose dressing up isn’t fun for everyone…

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