We Need a Little Christmas

I can’t believe it’s already December 5! Ye gads! Where did the time go?! Steve and I have been scrambling to get the house decorated for the holiday so every night we’ve devoted some time to at least one room. All that’s left now is the big tree. This year, it’s all-out retro here at Chez Kirks. We ditched the white lighted greenery outside and lined the house with multi-colored bulbs. We even put lights around the new picture window which should frame our aluminum tree nicely. I’m now trying to find a cool wreath for the front door, but have been unsuccessful in my search. I may just take the wall-style aluminum tree and put it on the front door. I still have a couple more Christmas gifts to buy then I have to wrap everything. I predict I’ll be in the mood for Christmas some time in mid-January!

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