Too Much of a Good Thing

I guess it’s hard to complain. Who doesn’t want to spend time with their good friends? But last night was one of those weird nights where we wanted to see everyone and there just wasn’t enough Steve and Tammy to go around. We’d planned to meet Kevin Blomenkamp and his friend Ricardo (seriously, that’s his name) at the artwalk to see the BFA student exhibition then go get dinner/drinks. The plan was to meet at 6 p.m. Then it was between 6:30-7 p.m. Then it got later and later. In the meantime, Steve and I went to the exhibit, talked to the graduating seniors, shopped some of the cool stores downtown, and ended up at the pottery sale at Springfield Pottery. Along the way, we ran in to Sarah Kerner who was passing time while hubby Matt worked. She was bored, we were waiting so the three of us wandered around downtown. Kevin and Ricardo finally called around 8 p.m. while the three of us (Sarah, Steve and I) were helping Duane and Prudy close up DB Designs. By this time I was starving and told the guys I needed dinner. Now Duane and Prudy were in the mix as they wanted dinner too. Sarah was going to leave to find Matt. The decision was made for Duane, Prudy Steve and I to get a bite to eat and Kevin and Ricardo were going to meet up with us later. Halfway through dinner, Matt called to see what we were doing and we had to turn down an opportunity to hang out with them since the night’s plans were getting complicated. Whew! Are you following this, ’cause I’m not sure I am. Bottom line is that we have so many great friends that we couldn’t do something with all of them in one night. Apologies to everyone for us being so scattered and crazy last night. We love you all and wish things could have been different!

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